render of the osmo

DJI OSMO redesign

Technologies Used:

  • solidworks logo
  • 3ds max logo
  • procreate logo


Usage Values - First Year Project


Redesign a hand-held prduct that currently exists, in a way that it has Anthropometric and Ergonomic Considerations, with a way to visually display the system status and switches or knobs to control it, as well as being well designed for use.


The redesign of a DJI Osmo was chosen for the handheld product, with the aim of better suiting customer and anthropometric needs, established through primary market research that details the ergonomic considerations and into what visual technologies can be deployed into the handheld device.

render of the osmo redesign from the back
sketches of the redesign
render of the osmo lying down
large render of the osmo from the front