model of the station redesign

Metrolink Station Redesign

Technologies Used:

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  • 3ds max logo
  • procreate logo


Individual Engineering Project – Final Year Dissertation


Application of engineering principles and design concepts to improve the quality of life surrounding a chosen product.


The Metrolink redesign was conducted to install new structures on the brand-new Trafford Bar line, as well as a gradual roll-out across the rest of the system. This new design aims to reflect Manchester’s cultural heritage with an emphasis on a honeycomb pattern as well as a vision for the way that the tram stop structures influence the surrounding city environments, such as the filtration of air to remove pollutants and particulate matter, and be self-sufficient and give back more than it takes from the space that surrounds it.

The scale model was built to British O-gauge scale which is 1:43.5. Some of the components are hand crafted out of various foams and foam-boards as well as pieces sourced from old model kits, and 3D printed bespoke parts in ABS plastic. The model has several finishing details such as through painting to reflect the intended texture of the surfaces as well as the application of static grass to mimic the areas of natural greenery for the real life structure.

line drawing of the front of the redesigned station
render showing the solar panels on the top of the station
completed drawing of the front of the station
render of the underside of the station showing the posters
render of the station from the side, showing the chairs
full length drawing of the station
general arrangement drawing of the station