3D printed model of the chair

Gresham 'Anywhere Chair' Concept

Technologies Used:

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Advanced Design Communication – Final Year Industry Task


Design an ‘Anywhere Chair’ infitting with Gresham’s current premium range, taking into account their manufacturing capabilities and facilities.


The anywhere chair is a type of seating that fits in with the concept of activity-based working, in that there’s a sense of flexibility in how and where you work. Thereby eliminating the traditional ergonomic desk chair and allowing the chair to become more of a statement piece in the office environment. This chair must be a feasible design, with established manufacturing practices that are within the remit of Gresham Office Furniture and be able to be produced with adequate enough space in their manufacturing facility, with a focus on the environmental story, transportation considerations, and multi-functionality of the product.

The scale prototype was made by 3D printing the design using ABS plastic, and was then finished off by chemical smoothing using an acetone vapour bath and sanding, followed by priming the piece for painting and then painting and finishing the piece with varnish and soft-furnishings.

drawing of the chair with a man sat in it
render of the chair in three different colours
in situ render of the chair
general arrangement drawing for the chair